ES: (775) 322 0274, MS: (775) 323 2332, HS: (775) 829 4601

If you would like to apply for the 2016/2017 school year, contact Kimberly Kistner, (9-12) Registrar at 775-829-4601, Maria Schaefer (5-8) Registrar at 775-323-2332 x 113 or Suni Slaten, (K-4) Registrar at 775-322.0274 x 200.
There are not any tests or academic eligibility requirements for acceptance to CAS.
Application Process for the 2017/2018 School Year
If you would like to schedule a tour of Coral for any other time, contact Kimberly Kistner (9-12) Registrar, Maria Schaefer (5-8) Registrar at 775-323-2332 x 113 or Suni Slaten, (K-4) Registrar, at 775-322-0274 x 200.
Admission Priority
CAS’s charter limits class size to 25 students (5-12) and 22 students (K-4) or less per class, thus there is a maximum number of students that may be enrolled in each grade. Admission priority for the upcoming school year is as follows:
• Currently enrolled/returning students,
• Currently enrolled/returning students’ siblings,
• Students of faculty members, and
• New students who apply using the application via the online link.
Enrollment Process for Currently Enrolled Students
Current students will be provided “Intent to Return” forms February of 2017 via our website, which will be due February 10, 2017. If you need a hard copy of the form, please visit the front office at either campus.
Enrollment Process for Siblings of Returning Students and Students of Faculty Members
After the total number of returning students has been tallied and the number of available enrollments has been determined, siblings of returning students and children of faculty members will be given the opportunity to enroll between March 6-10, 2017.
Enrollment Process for New Students
Remaining open enrollments for new students will be processed using a lottery system:
• For each grade, the applications for new students will be drawn in a random order to establish a call list.
• Parents/guardians will be contacted via the phone number provided on the application starting March 7, 2017. Two attempts will be made to contact applicants; after the second attempt, the application will be considered void and the applicant will be required to re-apply in order to be considered for enrollment.
•Applicants who are contacted and wish to enroll will pick up a Registration Packet from CAS and must return all required documentation and fee payments within the time allotted to CAS to reserve the enrollment. There is a one-time $50 book deposit for all grades. Kindergarten through fifth-grade registration fees are $160 per semester; sixth through twelfth-grade registration fees are $110 per semester (there are two semesters per school year).
Applicants whom are not selected in the lottery will remain on the waiting list and will be contacted if an open enrollment becomes available. This may occur at any point after March 7, 2016, as CAS continues to enroll even after school starts for the 2017/2018 school year.
(Rev 01/18/2017)