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Club Day Club Name Club Adviser(s) Grade Levels Description of the Club Special Notes
Monday Science Club Mr. Loar K – 2 The activities we will be doing in this club focus on children’s natural curiosity and desire to explore on pursuits that will move them toward scientific literacy; and, for some, toward becoming scientists.
Monday Lego Club Mrs. Tandogan K, 1, & 2 This club is for students to play, create, collaborate, and cooperate. In Lego Club, students will build vehicles, buildings, aircraft, and many more objects.
Monday Board Games and Literature Mrs. Glazier K-2 Board Games paired with classic story book favorites. Students will enjoy read alouds of their favorite stories, paired with board games to encourage sportsmanship and skills in literacy, math, and communication.
Monday Fit Falcons Miss Simon and      Miss Shockley K-4 This is a club for students to further their physical activity and to learn about health-related fitness.
Monday Turkish Culture Club Mr. Cayir 2, 3, & 4 Children will learn the games & songs of the Turkish Culture. Students will also watch educational Turkish films with subtitles.
Monday Arts and Crafts Club Mrs. Grigsby 3 & 4 Various arts and crafts projects will be created.
Monday Yearbook Journalism Club Miss Jolcover 3 & 4 This is a club to improve writing skills and help spread exciting Coral News.  Members will be interviewing, photographing, writing, and typing. In order to be accepted into the club, 3rd and 4th graders must submit a Persuasive Writing Sample on the topic of “Why I want to join Yearbook Journalism Club.” Staple & turn in essay with lottery ticket.
Monday Into Film Ms. Frankovich 3 & 4 A deeper look at film and how to use it to better understand the world around us.  Using film to help foster social development, create unity, improve creativity, imagination, as well as speaking and listening skills. Students will gain a love of cinema and inspire a desire to learn more. Students must have permission to watch movies that are rated PG.  
Monday Paper Animation Ms. Schiavone 3 & 4 We will use the paper arts to explore different ways to animate stories.
Friday Arts and Crafts Club Mrs. B. Wagner Kindergarten with 4th Grade Helpers Students express them -selves in a creative hands-on environment. They will interact with different materials and learn to demonstrate their imaginations. Our older student helpers will develop leadership skills while our younger students will learn to cooperate and work with older peer mentors. 18 Kindergarteners plus 3 Helpers in 4th grade.
Friday Window Art and Sun Catchers Mrs. Poertner K – 4 Create and take home seasonal art to display in your windows at home.
Friday Yoga Club Mrs. Piedra K – 4 We will improve our balance and flexibility as well as challenge our strength.
Friday Drama Club Ms. Navas and   Miss Horne 2nd & 3rd Students must be able to read and memorize lines.  Performances TBA.
Friday Anime Club Mrs. Hall and     Miss Bessolo 3rd & 4th This is a movie/series viewing club for students interested in learning about the Japanese style of animation. Each week we will watch a movie or series to be followed by a breif activity such as a game or drawing tutorial. Movies in the fall will all be rated G with exception to “Howl’s Moving Castle” and “Spirited Away,” which are rated PG.
Friday Computer Coding Ms. Gordon 3rd & 4th Learn the basics of JavaScript programming while creating fun drawings with your code.
Friday Knitting club Miss Wing 3rd & 4th Learn the basics of knitting and purling to create unique items.
Friday NEHS Mrs. Gervasi and      Ms. Tracey 4th Grade BY INVITATION ONLY….National Requirements of 3.5 GPA, no “C” or below in SLB. Invitations will be delivered next week. (Number of members will vary.)
Friday Fun and Fitness Club Mrs. Jones and        Ms. Wagner 2nd, 3rd, & 4th Open to boys and girls in grades 2-4.       THIS CLUB BEGINS DECEMBER 2nd.        We will apply skills we learned during the Girls on the Run season, continuing to talk about how to lead healthy lifestyles through food choices, exercise, and positivity.  Expect to be physically active for about 20 minutes of most sessions. We will use the park when appropriate/necessary. Girls on the Run members will be given first priority.  This club is the extension for the girls who are part of Girls on the Run.     Meets December 2nd-May in Mrs. Jones’s classroom (#226). New members are encouraged to apply.

The following clubs are for your information only.  They are currently closed.

MONDAY & FRIDAY 2:30- 4:00pm Girls on the Run


Mrs. Jones and Ms. Wagner




Enrollment has closed for the season.


Meets thru August 19th thru November 14th. (20 sessions). Fee of $200


Everyday Safety Patrol Ms.  Savolt  and     Mrs. Williams 4th grade Help with Kindergarten gate, valet and lunchroom.  Already have chosen Safety patrol students for 2016-2017. CLOSED   Applications collected in Spring

(16 students maximum)