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Academic Standard Policy

Adopted May 19, 2010

Academic Standards Policy
Coral Academy of Science (CAS) is a public middle/high school and, as such, all students who wish are given a chance to attend. At CAS, students must be committed to maintaining high academic standards. Our charter with the State of Nevada establishes Coral Academy of Science as a “college preparatory” school. It is therefore necessary to establish certain academic standards for students attending CAS. Meeting these standards will help prepare students to be successful at the college level.

CAS Academic Standards
Although the administration and staff would encourage every student to achieve a 4.0 Grade Point Average (GPA) to be more competitive in applying for admission to colleges and for grants and scholarships, we know that is not always a realistic goal for every student. Therefore, we have established a standard of 2.0 GPA over all and no failing classes as a minimum target for all of our students. Students unable or unwilling to maintain this minimum standard will be placed on academic probation.

Academic Probation

Academic probation is a set of restrictions, expectations, performance indicators, deadlines and timelines placed on a student to continue successfully at CAS. This will help to the student to correct identified issues in order to reach the specified target. If the terms of academic probation are not successfully completed, the student will remain on academic probation until all requirements are met.

Probation may include, but is not limited to:

Any student who earns an F in any subject, or achieves a GPA less than 2.0 on any one of the grade reports (progress report or report card), will be placed on Academic Probation for the following grading period (usually 3-5 weeks).

Students who do not meet the academic standards for the last grading period of the year, and are otherwise eligible for automatic readmission into the next grade level, will be placed on academic probation for the first grading period of the following school year.

Probationary Goals Duration
Student will remain on Academic Probation until it is removed. Please see the ‘Removal’ section of this policy to see the requirements that need to be fulfilled to remove the probation.


Students on Academic Probation will not be able to
PLEASE NOTE: Failure to comply with this Academic Probation Policy, which leads to continuous probation status, may result in additional consequences and increased restrictions. These include, but are not limited to:
Once on probation, the assigned teacher will hold a meeting with the parent and the student. In this meeting, the terms and conditions of an improvement plan should be agreed upon. This improvement plan should include, This plan should be typed up, and signed by all parties.

PLEASE NOTE: Tutoring is required for all probation students.

In order to get off of Academic Probation, a student must raise the grade(s) at least to a passing grade at the end of the grading period that s/he has been on probation for (usually 3-5 weeks).

Academic or Competitive Club Procedures for Academic Probation Students

The Academic or Competitive Clubs have a preset and structured program to prepare the students for a regional, state-wide, and/or nation-wide contest/competition, and consist of teams, of which the members are selected based on certain qualification and/or experience. The CAS Administration determines whether a club is academic or competitive or not.

There are certain regulations and procedures for the Academic or Competitive Club team members who are on Academic Probation. The coach may seek admin approval so that the probation student may continue attending the club/team meetings* and participate in the regional, state, or national level designated contest/competition. In order to do so, the ‘Pre-probation procedure’ should be followed completely during first quarter of the school year before any member of the team gets placed on probation:

Pre-probation Procedure:
  1. The coach must request an unofficial progress report for each team member periodically (every 1-2 weeks), and monitor their progress. If there is/are any grade(s) that is/are below a C-, the team member should raise the grade(s) at least to a C- as soon as possible.
  2. Two weeks prior to the first progress report, the coach should request a final unofficial progress report. If the team member fails to raise the previous low grade(s) to at least a C-, s/he will be suspended from the club meetings and dropped from the team (i.e. inactive member) for the following two weeks (i.e., until the official progress reports come out).
  3. If, on the official progress report, all grades are above a C-, then the inactive membership will be reactivated. If the student fails to raise the grade(s) above a C- at the end of the grading period, but is not placed on academic probation (means no failing grades), it will be up to the coach’s discretion whether to reactivate the membership or expel the student from the team.

Post-probation Procedure:
  1. If the coach considers the student as an integral part of the main team**, then the coach will need to fulfill the following:
    1. The coach must submit evidence that the Pre-probation Procedure was followed completely and request admin approval from the Dean of Academics.
    2. Once approved, the coach must contact the Grade Chair and/or the teachers of the failed courses to receive a copy of the improvement plan.
    3. The coach must take responsibility in the implementation of the improvement plan.
  2. The probation student cannot continue attending club meetings and/or activities after the contest/competition day unless the team advances to the state or national level.
PLEASE NOTE:These regulations and procedures by no means indicate a removal from probation. Students on probation, even after permission to attend academic or competitive club meetings* and participate in the contest/competition is granted, will still lose their other privileges as set forth in the ‘Restrictions’ section of the Academic Probation Policy.

This permission may be revoked at any time by the Dean of Academics if there is lack of motivation, little or no contribution to the team effort, and/or little or no improvement in the grades.

* Once approved, the probation student is allowed to attend only the club meetings that require work, and participate in the contest/competition, but not allowed to attend any fun club activities such as field trips and/or get-togethers.

** Main team members are those who will definitely participate in the contest/competition. Club members who are not on the team or alternate team members are not considered as main team members, and will not qualify for this procedure.

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